On our way to our departure point in the USA

Jim and I have left Sydney and we are on our way to the US. The preparation and last minute dashing around is over, but what a week it has been.

The survival at sea training was fantastic. Neil and the team at Red Alert put me through various scenarios of ditching. Imagine sitting in a plane capsule being lowered in to water. The capsule goes completely under water and then it’s turned upside down. There are bubbles everywhere and you have to undo your straps, push open the door or window and get out. Neil made it so simple for me to understand and practice and the rest of the team made sure I was in no danger.

The Red Alert guys were excellent and have given me a massive confidence boost and I can’t thank them enough.

Sunday (March 27) and Monday (March 28) I went to Broken Hill and Dubbo. What an honor it was to speak with the doctors, nurses and pilots who do incredible work for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I saw what a wonderful role the RFDS play in the bush.

Meeting the whole team in both locations made my reasons for doing this crossing all the more valid and real. Clyde and his team and Janelle in Dubbo were all so kind and made me feel so welcome. Little did they know that it was me who felt my contribution was small compared to what they do day in, day out.

We also began to see donations come in, which made us feel as though our efforts are worthwhile. We also gained great support for the trip from QBE Aviation and from the Satellite Phone Group. Thank you; your contribution is very much appreciated.

Once back it was full on with more plane paperwork. Being a rookie at this, there is so much I don’t know that I don’t know. The guys at CASA have been really good at navigating all the red tape that goes with this trip and I will breath a big sigh of relief when all the clearances are done!!!!

All in all it has been a fascinating and exciting week. With great kindness from so many, we are now off to the US and the final preparations are underway. As I flew over I looked down over the Pacific and pondered…

Here we go…

Jeremy Rowsell

More information about Flying 4 The Doctors can be found at www.flying4thedoctors.com
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The Royal Flying Doctor Service has been serving the Australian community for over 85 years. From humble beginnings in 1928, the RFDS now ha
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