Launching Flying 4 The Doctors

What a week… it’s been really full on with a number of things happening.

Firstly, getting the aeroplane ready has been a huge amount of work and the engine wasn’t quite ready so I’ve been on the phone to the guys in the US getting that fixed. We’ve also had to get the wing bolts on the aircraft done.

I was hoping to get some of the painting on the plane done before the flight but it looks like we’re going to be out of time so the fresh coat of paint will have to wait till I return to Australia after crossing the Pacific.

In the background there has been lots of paper work, paper work, paper work… arranging customs and registration papers and also tying up my day job.

But amidst all of that I’ve had a lot of fun this week. We started off with the media launch on Monday (March 21) in Bankstown where I’ve seen some of the worst weather I’ve ever seen in Bankstown in a long time.

For the launch we borrowed an aeroplane from a guy by the name of Greg who was very cool. He lent us his aeroplane after I called him on the Sunday night before hand saying; “please, please can I borrow your aeroplane!” The aeroplane arrived at 6:40am on the Monday morning and was placed along side the Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft.

As people from the press arrived, including Channel 7, SBS, The Torch, Peter Harvey and the team from Channel 9, it started pouring with rain.

Fortunately a mate from over the road was able to lend us a hanger and within ten minutes, putting the aircraft in the hanger and drying off, the launch continued.

It was great to have so many people from the press there. It’s clear this idea has really captured people’s imagination and the press were fascinated by the fact that we’re flying over such a big ocean in such a small plane and they wanted to know the reason why. We were able to turn around to them and say…

The reason we are flying is to honour the doctors, the nurses and the pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The media coverage has been great and the most important thing for us is to get the message out there about the important work the RFDS do. I’ve spoken with many radio stations this week about the trip and the Flying Doctor. I had a bit of fun on the “Two Murray’s” show on 2UE with Murray Wilton and Murray Olds and I have to laugh when people at work come up to me and say “ah Jeremy, were you on the telly last night?” It’s caught a lot of people by surprise.

After the media launch Jim headed over to New Zealand. He’s disappeared over there to bring an aeroplane back. I’m just hoping he gets back in time otherwise I will be flying on my own!

What’s next…

Saturday (March 26) morning survival at sea training with the Special Forces.

Sunday (March 27) I’m off to Broken Hill where I will be catching up with RFDS doctors, nurses and pilots in the heartland of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Monday (March 28) I’m off to Dubbo to do the same and catch up with the people who are really doing the work.

These visits are a dream come true for me because it really brings a lot of colour and meaning to what Jim and I are doing.

Jeremy Rowsell

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One Response to Launching Flying 4 The Doctors

  1. Jo Fort says:

    Sounds great – will watching out for your tweets, blogs and messages, let us know if you are flying anywhere near Birdsville or Innamincka!

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