Flying Doctor helps in Outback rescue

RFDS Capt Shane Brook was an integral part of yesterday's search and rescue

Just last week we blogged about the importance of safe Outback travel and the things you need to be prepared for your time on the road. This week we have an example of why preparation is so important!
Yesterday, flight nurse Brendon Kiley and pilot Shane Brook from the Flying Doctor Base at Broken Hill were on their way from Adelaide to Tibooburra when they intercepted a distressed call from a man in remote South Australia.
The man, a 38 year old from Adelaide, had been driving from Adelaide to Cairns when he got lost and became bogged. Shane diverted the aircraft to try and locate the man, while radioing for help from Australian Search and Rescue.
Brendon and Shane remained in radio contact with the man to try and identify his location on their flight back to Broken Hill, and helped pinpoint him to a location near Mt Hopeless in remote south eastern South Australia, where the local police are today on their way to assist him.
While the man wasn’t suffering a medical emergency, becoming lost and stranded in the vast lonely Australian desert could very soon have become one if the RFDS and Australian Search and Rescue hadn’t been able to locate him!
So if you’re heading out to the Australian Outback, remember to be well prepared for the journey ahead and to take extra care on roads that are wet and muddy following the recent rain and flooding. And, most importantly, remember to take with you the emergency phone numbers and radio frequencies for the RFDS, so that you can always reach help in an emergency:


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