Australia’s fourth largest airline

RFDS PC12 flying over Rottnest Island WA

RFDS PC12 flying over Rottnest Island WA

You don’t often think of the RFDS as an airline. It’s more about doctors, nurses and pilots using an aircraft to deliver health care to rural and remote Australia. However in the financial year ending June 2009, the 53 aircraft of the RFDS and a number of chartered aircraft undertook nearly 72,000 flights taking over 73,000 hours and covering a distance of nearly 24 million kilometres. That means an RFDS aircraft was taking off somewhere in Australia on a health-related task on average every 7 ½ minutes, day or night, in all weathers, every day of the year.

In fact the RFDS has 21 operating bases, flies 53 aircraft and charters a number more. We employ 178 pilots, 60 engineering staff, 11 radio staff and 15 operational co-ordinators to support our doctors , nurses and clinicians.

We service more than 80% of Australia (7,150,000 km2), an area nearly the size of the United States of America. We also attend 274,237 patients per year , an average of 751 per day and last financial year carried out 36,832 aerial evacuations and transfers, an average of 101 per day!

We also conducted 14,004 health care clinics (an average of 38 per day) flew 23,923,440 kms (an average 65,544 per day) flew for 73,211 hours (an average of 201 per day) and made 71,770 landings (averaging 197 per day)

You can see why we are Australia fourth largest airline and possibly it’s most important.

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About Royal Flying Doctor

The Royal Flying Doctor Service has been serving the Australian community for over 85 years. From humble beginnings in 1928, the RFDS now ha
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